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Trust in God, My Soul (Song/Composer Review)

Posted by Dave Mincy on August 7, 2007

I’m sure many of you are probably already aware of Depths of Mercy, the newest release from the SoundForth Singers & Orchestra (from Bob Jones University). Fred & Ruth Coleman have done a wonderful job with these yearly releases. Although I have noticed some criticism out in the “blogosphere” (too “feminine” of a sound, have lost their “fundamentalism”, not “militant” enough), I think the reality is that the Coleman’s have succeeded in crafting a very “tight”, non-piercing, mellow sound that is just one of the many legitimate “styles” available to us in Traditional Christian Music right now. But I digress…What I REALLY want to RAVE about is one piece in particular on this album–cut number nine, Trust in God, My Soul. This song is gorgeous. Between the beautiful melody, the thought-provoking words, and a simple yet captivating rhythmic piano accompaniment, this piece immediately landed on my all-time favorites list. The words are actually from a poem by Frances Havergal (think Take My Life and Let it Be, Like a River Glorious) so the piece was already off to a good start. David Burke (speech faculty at BJU, I believe) added some additional lyrics and then Sharon (Mulfinger) Gerber wrote the original melody and arrangement. Now, I will freely admit to being a rabid Mulfinger fan. Their whole family is musical and has put out four CDs of their own–and I’ve got them all. You can learn more about their family stuff here. But back to Trust in God, My Soul. While the credits state that Faye Lopez helped with the arrangement, it sounded like an all-Sharon piece to me (no offense to Faye Lopez…she is a great writer). My guess is that the Colman’s (or someone) paired Sharon up with Faye in order to help a little with form, choral writing, etc., since Sharon has not done as much of this type of thing. The instrumentation played to Sharon’s strengths, however, using just piano, flute, and cello–a combination of instruments she has used with good results on some of their family album stuff. The only real weakness I found was that the piece seemed to be set one key too high. With the way the melody line moves on the chorus, I think the average church choir would find an “Eb” to be a more attainable highest note than the current “F”. All in all, though, you should definitely consider this piece for your choir. It also makes a great solo.

listen to this piece. (clip used by permission of SoundForth)

Visit SoundForth to purchase the CD or music.

Trust in God, My Soul
Words by Frances Havergal and David Burke

Oh, Lord, I trust Your grace; it is enough, enough for me.
In every trial I shall trace its all-sufficiency.

And, Lord, I trust Your strength; in You alone I shall be strong:
My failing flesh will learn at length a daily triumph song.

Oh, trust in God, my soul, and look into His face.
Oh, trust in God, my soul; His holy will embrace.
Then I shall stand complete and whole, a trophy of His grace
As I trust God.

Oh, Lord, I trust Your Word; it gives me hope and light to see.
The path ahead, though now obscured, will open wide for me.

Oh, Lord, I trust Your love; I feel its warm and changeless glow;
My life or death shall only prove its everlasting flow.

Oh, trust in God, my soul, and look into His face.
Oh, trust in God, my soul; His holy will embrace.
Then I shall stand complete and whole, a trophy of His grace
As I trust God.


4 Responses to “Trust in God, My Soul (Song/Composer Review)”

  1. sara said

    I have to agree about Trust in God, My Soul. It’s a beautiful song! Also, I love your “snap shots” feature. Your Blogging abilities have just way surpassed mine :)!!!!

  2. I’m a huge Mulfinger fan too – the family is so generous with their music and their Christ-like love!
    The cello obligato makes “Trust in God, My Soul” really sing to me, but I have to admit that I’m partial to cello…
    Thanks for the great review.

  3. Sarah Kate Branine said

    hey Dave,
    That is one of my favorites from the CD–and someone just sang that at our church two weeks ago–it was great!

  4. G-Knee said

    Yea! Dave thanks for the website! I am looking forward to your “reviews” and whatnot! Welcome to blogging!

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